Required as part of the total service offering

In our basic equity crowdfunding strategic marketing services we provide you with a customized actionable to-do list and then we guide and advise you along the way so that you and your internal and outside-hired team can create and implement all of the pieces necessary to build up your brand, build a crowd of potential investors and launch your crowdfunding campaign.


In our premium marketing package

We do all of that, but our in-house team also designs and creates the marketing material and distributes and delivers the content that we create for you from digital advertising to social media, content marketing to press outreach, to email marketing.

  1. We start by working with you to write your core messaging to be used in all marketing mediums. This is the organization’s written elevator pitch.
  2. We build you a Lead Generation Page including your core messaging and a call to action so we can start clilecting names and e-mail addresses of customers and we link it to CrowdfundingCRM to help build your list of future investors. These “leads” then get put on an e-mail drip campaign.
  3. For the e-mail marketing drip campaign, we create and send out a weekly e-mail telling your story using to get people excited about becoming an investor long before and during your live campaign. We would also use the built-in analytics to focus our efforts on those most interested.
  4. Press outreach and database. We will create weekly touch points with the media and write press releases based on agreed-upon content and we will distribute the press releases on national wires on a weekly basis.
  5. Content marketing. We will write and post one blog post per week on your website or blog, all tied to the overall strategy of your organization, and where applicable, share in public relations and on your social media channels. Becoming a leader and an expert in your field is very important in developing confidence in your company’s abilities with your future investors. Having a robust content marketing strategy and publishing news and events and case studies on your web site is also a key component of any press outreach and content marketing plan.
  6. Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn). This is the organic, custom, often live, on-page social media marketing efforts, not the paid efforts. This includes engaging with people, starting and having conversations with interested parties, reaching out to thought leaders to re-Tweet news and share with their readers, and all organic posting on social media channels (minimum 2x daily Facebook, 10x daily Twitter, 1x daily LinkedIn and 2x daily Instagram). This includes photos and graphics developed strictly for your social media purposes.
  7. Assistance with video scripting. Taking your core messaging and helping craft a script for your equity crowdfunding video that is compelling and includes a call-to-action that will engage as many investors as possible.
  8. We will create investor materials for your offering, including up to 10-slide presentation/pitch-deck and a one-sheet document for potential investors.

Not included: website development (other than landing page for lead gen), video shooting or editing, creation of company brand and logo, any or all of which can be performed by us on a case-by case basis for an additional fee.


We Provide Blockchain Fundraising Regulation and Marketing Services in the USA

​In addition to our basic package (required as part of the total service offering) we also have a special program with the expertise of Ian  Scarffe to help Blockchain companies with Regulation D and Regulation A+ offering preparation services by assisting companies in preparing the legal offering documents and the filing with the SEC and state regulatory commissions along with a proven marketing strategy to help Issuers gain access to the general public of non-accredited investors (97% of investors) in the Regulation A+ arena, and access to accredited investors in the Regulation D arena.